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The downfalls of one-off airdrops and free NFTs for non-crypto users


1. Why would you do an airdrop?

Airdrops often miss genuinely interested users, because tokens are distributed to a too broad audience. Individuals may solely engage to acquire free tokens without true involvement with the project or the company. On the tokenomics side, this approach may dilute the value for true active users and current holders. Moreover, the complexity of airdrop participation poses challenges for novice users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. And airdrops face criticism for distributing coins perceived as having little to no value, commonly labeled as "shitcoins".

If brands are encouraged to explore new marketing tools, notably with NFTs, they can't without meaningful engagement. NFTs are digital assets that are not necessarily rare or of high value. We've seen too many 'free NFT' drops but many people never opened their wallet or created an account to, at least, try out what a digital token is. From a user experience point of view, Web3 is stuck in what the internet was in the 2000s. As crypto-assets, digital tokens, and virtual property are offered right now, there will be no mass adoption of products; only Ponzi schemes will gain fast traction.

2.Stop airdrops, co-create and earn !

Moving away from short-term token giveaways, the goal is to establish more advanced earning systems for contributors. Instead of merely distributing tokens, the focus shifts towards recognizing users based on their past contributions and their daily interactions. True enthusiasts, gaming communities, and web3 businesses are shaking brands perspectives : brands now perceived customers almost as partners. There's much co-creation and elaborated projects emerging from the bottom up, allowing brands and companies to collaborate and develop projects with their fanbase.

People who want to co-create in a community can engage to increase the value of their individual tokens and the ownership community. A non-speculative and unfettered experience is about genuine work and personal investment. It aims to reward power contributors, more than just buyers. This enables all members to have a vested interest in the financial results. We can build an experience that feels like an ongoing stream of assets, that users produce and share with brands and companies. Finally, a brand can acquire assets from their audiences and fans, or they can share profits.

3. We’ll bring you the right user experience to measure your own value

No crypto business can afford to spend 30+ minutes onboarding a so-called "non-crypto user" into a supposed revolutionary app; it's simply absurd compared to well-designed and easy to onboard 'traditional' products. However, the wallet, passport, or account serves to secure your participation as a real-world asset that you immediately perceive the value of because you've achieved something for it. The right service will enable you to monetize everything that wouldn't have been monetizable without the tool because any recognized action within a community adds value to it.

Ownership communities provide the ideal foundation for shared capital, co-creating value, and participating in collective benefits. Digital assets serve as programmable incentives to engage, empower, activate, and reward community members, aligning all stakeholders with a common purpose. It's not just assets, but individuals who act to accelerate a community flywheel, driven by the principles of mutuality and agency. Community stands as the killer app for Web3, owned by the individuals leading and participating in them, and orchestrated by real-world assets.